We are living in an age where everything is taking a new shift from traditional to modern. Whether it is using technology, running a business, or buying a new thing, everything is transforming fast. 

At the same time, the application of lean manufacturing tools has increased. These tools have been used by businesses, leaders, and corporations to become efficient, reduce waste, improve resources, and more. 

In this blog, we will discuss some lean tools that must be used to be efficient and productive. As we have already mentioned, anyone can take advantage of these tools, from businesses to individuals. Read below to learn more. 

Value stream mapping 

Value stream mapping is all about figuring out what is going on with the current process and coming up with new plans for the future. Mapping value stream helps a business manufacturing a product and bring it to the market for consumption. 

When one uses lean tools, they leave their outdated process and create something new that benefits them. 

TPM or total productive maintenance 

If you maintain your machines and processes, you use this lean tool. This lean manufacturing tool teaches a complete approach to maintenance that helps eliminate problems before they occur. TPM is not only about maintenance; it also includes people skilled at using machines. There are some TPM elements, including autonomous maintenance. 

OEE or overall equipment effectiveness 

This lean manufacturing tool is also known as total effective equipment performance or TEEP. When it comes to checking a production that runs based on performance, availability, and quality, this tool is used by businesses. This lean tool helps find out the availability of a machine for producing items. In addition to it, it also helps you know about things like downtime, breakdown losses, and more. 

TQM or total quality management        

Total quality management is about improving the quality of products better. This tool follows four phases of a process known as the Deming Cycle. This includes a plan, do, check, and act or PDCA. After all, with the help of this lean tool, a business can achieve the best quality products for its end consumers. If you are facing challenges with product quality, try it. 

Bottleneck analysis 

This lean manufacturing method helps people know things that limit throughput in the manufacturing process. By doing so, things improve over time. It helps learn about the things that cause problems and slows down the process. Finally, with the implementation of this tool, it becomes easy to achieve an efficient workflow. 

Visual factory 

This tool helps you with different visual indicators that are used at other places in the workplace. The indicators help improve employees’ communication and performance. If we talk about an example of markers is signs of manufacturing facility floors, floor tape, etc. 


These are some lean manufacturing tools to learn about and use today. If you want to transform your manufacturing process, it is not possible without lean tools. 
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